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MuWarTeaM System Informations

Blood Castle1Exp1 PcP + Box+1
Blood Castle2Exp 2 PcP Box+1
Blood Castle3Exp 3 PcP Box+2
Blood Castle4Exp 4 PcP Box+2
Blood Castle5Exp 6 PcP Box+3
Blood Castle6    Exp 8 PcP Box+4
Blood Castle7Exp 10 PcP Box+5
Chaos Castle1Exp 1 PcP Box+1
Chaos Castle2Exp 2 PcP Box+2
Chaos Castle3    Exp 4 PcP Box+3
Chaos Castle4Exp 6 PcP Box+3
Chaos Castle5Exp 8 PcP Box+4
Chaos Castle6Exp 10 PcP Box+5
llusion Temple1(All Team)Exp 5 PcP Box+1
llusion Temple2(All Team)Exp 10 PcP Box+2
llusion Temple3(All Team)Exp 15 PcP Box+3
llusion Temple4(All Team)Exp 20 PcP Box+4
llusion Temple5(All Team)Exp 25 PcP Box+5
Devil Square1Exp 1 Pcp
Devil Square2Exp 2 Pcp
Devil Square3Exp 4 Pcp
Devil Square4Exp 6 Pcp
Devil Square5Exp 8 Pcp
Devil Square6Exp 10 Pcp
Guild vs GuildAllGuild(Online)20 PcP
KingOfMu Much Kill PlayerPlayer    10 Pcp
Team VS Team EventAllTeam20 PcP
Online Event1 Player1 PcP
Coin EventAnswer Question    1 PcP
Drop EventJewelBox
Ancient Event    Ancient DropExc Ancient Drop
D3 Jewel Event    1 PlayerAll Jewel's
Kalima 7 Event    380 Armor380 Sword/Staff
Kanturu Event    380 Helm Pants    380 Gloves Boots
KillAll Event1,2,3 Player30.20.10 PcP (Only Gm Event Start)
GM Hide Event1 Player(Trade GM)5 PcP             (Only Gm Event Start)


VIP SystemNormal Mix %Bronze (VIP) Mix %Silver (VIP) Mix %Gold (VIP) Mix %
PK Clear DiscountNormal-2m Zen-3m Zen-5m Zen
Change Character NameNormal-10% Discount-20% Discount-30% Discount
Change Character ClassNormal-10% Discount-20% Discount-30% Discount
Item Upgrade RateNormal+10%+20%+30%
Offattack Times8 Hours10 Hours12 Hours14 Hours
Gold Credits DonationNormalNormal+10%+20%
Jewel Of Exc50556065
Jewel Of Level50556065
Jewel Of Anc 1 50556065
Jewel Of Anc 2 50556065
Jewel Of Skill    50556065
Jewel Of Add   50556065
ewel Of Luck 50556065
Devil Square Mix Rate    50556065
Blood Castle Mix Rate50556065
llusion Temple Mix Rate   50556065
FruitMix Rate    50556065
Wing1Mix Rate    90909090
Wing2Mix Rate60708090
ElfBuffer Max Level    100120140160
Online Event Pc Point1 PcPoint1 PcPoint1 PcPoint1 PcPoint


/str On
/agi On
/vit On
Coin ExChange SystemOn
Jewel ExChange SystemOn
Reset PointOn
Lock PassOn
UnLock PassOn
Shop SystemOn
BlessMix 10/20/30On
SoulMix 10/20/30On
Fruits (121 Extra Point)On


Posted 23 / 07 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.