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Update 05.12.2020                                                                          :

if the level is 400 and you want to reset write in game chat: /reset

(remove all equipment before reset)

 New Update Before After
ExpDefaultUp to +%30
Exc Drop%30%10
Reset SystemNo ResetMax 10 Reset
Reset Awards for Reset 1*100 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 2*200 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 3*300 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 4*400 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 5*500 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 6*600 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 7*700 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 8*800 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 9*900 Pc Point
Reset Awards for Reset 10*1000 Pc Point
Level up Point  (MG and DL)17 Point7 Point
Level up Point  (BK, SM and ELF)15 Point5 Point
Ancient EventMin 380 lvlhas been disabled
Monthly AwardsVoteVote and will be all dg events.
Reset Point System*Write: /resetpoint






Update 05.08.2020                                                                          :

 Blood Castle Before After
ExpDefault x1Default x10
Blood Castle+11 Pc Point Reward10 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+22 Pc Point Reward15 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+33 Pc Point Reward20 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+44 Pc Point Reward25 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+56 Pc Point Reward30 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+68 Pc Point Reward35 Pc Point Reward
Blood Castle+710 Pc Point Reward40 Pc Point Reward


 Chaos Castle Before After
ExpDefault 1xDefault x10
Chaos Castle1 Pc Point Reward15 Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle2 Pc Point Reward20 Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle4 Pc Point Reward25 Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle6 Pc Point Reward30 Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle8 Pc Point Reward35 Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle10 Pc Point Reward40 Chaos Castle


 Devil Square Before After
ExpDefault 1xDefault x10
Devil Square+11 Pc Point Reward15 Pc Point Reward
Devil Square+22 Pc Point Reward20 Pc Point Reward
Devil Square+34 Pc Point Reward25 Pc Point Reward 
Devil Square+46 Pc Point Reward30 Pc Point Reward
Devil Square+58 Pc Point Reward35 Pc Point Reward
Devil Square+610 Pc Point Reward40 Pc Point Reward




Update 04.08.2020                                                                          :

- Fixed All Char in PVP : Now All Characters Best for PvP Balanced

- Added Change name system:  /changename *** 

 King Of Mu Guild Before After
 Event Time 30 Minutes 20 Minutes
 Winner Guild All Guild Player 20 Pc Point All Guild Player 20 Pc Point
 Best Guild Player +10 Pc Point +20 Pc Point


 VIP System Price
 Bronze 50 Gold Credit
 Silver 75 Gold Credit
 Gold 100 Gold Credit


 Drop Event Before After
 Jewels Total 30 Piece Total 40 Piece
 Box+1 3 Piece 10 Piece
 Box+2 3 Piece 9 Piece
 Box+3 3 Piece 8 Piece
 Box+4 3 Piece 5 Piece
 Box+5 3 Piece 5 Piece


 Others Before After
 Talisman 10 Gold 1 Gold
 Box+1+2+3+4+5 In PC Point Store Delete
 Demon 3 Cash 5 Cash
 Dark Lord Critical Damage Skill 20 Dmg 50 Dmg
 In Game if DC to Relogin time 3 Sec 60 Sec
Ref Damage Rate 120 200




Update 30.07.2020                                                                          :

Kalima 7 Boss Event

Event TimesDaily 2 timesTuesday, Thursday, Sunday Daily 2 times


Ancient EventBeforeAfter
Drop Rate%70% 50 (VIP to %65)
Exc Ancient Drop rate%50%25
Min max login playermin 2 -  max 10 Playermin 2 -  max 20 Player
Event TimesDaily 2 timesWednesday, Saturday Daily 2 times


Kantru 3 Event Last Boss (Nightmare)BeforeAfter
Event times12 hours (restart time)36 hours (restart time)

Posted 30 / 07 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.