Server Information

Server NameMuWaRTeaM
Exp1x-10x   (Dynamic)
Drop50x-70x (Dynamic)
Exc Drop10x-20x (Dynamic)
VIP SystemAll upgrade to %10 + %30 (exp, drop, up rate, etc)
Items ShopIn Game Store Map
PC Point System On - Pc Point Store
Chash Credit System On  - Cash Store
Gold Credits System On - Can pay with bitcoin or credit card
Jewel ExchangerIn Game Store Map
Credits and Pc Point ExchaneIn Game Store Map
Offattack SystemNormal account 8 hours
Offstore Systemif open offstore online 7 days time
Pick Systemcan be auto pick all jewels, feather, exc items.
Good Eventstotal 20 events now online


Posted 24 / 07 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.