/resetYou can reset when you reach level 400
/resetpointcan be reset your character points
/changenamecan be change your character name


/moveMove to a map
/postPost message a in global chat
/str add str point
/agi add agi point
/vit add vit point
/ene add ene point
/com add com point
/pkclearPK Clear (15m for free player)
/war Guild War Start
/clearinvClear all inventory items
/openvaultOpen Warehouse (fee 1 PC Point)
/respCoin Event Answer
/helpUsed to lvl 220
/lock **item password enable. Example: /lock 12345
/unlock **item password disable
/jewelmixJewelMix Pack 10/20/30. Example: /jewelmix bless 10
/jeweldisJewelMix Unpack 10/20/30. Example: /jeweldis bless 10
/attack < >Auto attack for SM and MG Evil /attack 9
/attack < >Auto attack for BK and MG Twist /attack 41
/attack < >Auto attack for 
/attack < >Auto attack for ELF /attack buff 1
/attack < >Auto attack for ELF Trible Shot /attack 24
/offattackOffline attack (for free player 8 hours)
/pick blessAuto pick for Bless
/pick soulAuto pick for Soul
/pick chaosAuto pick for Chaos
/pick jogAuto pick for Guardian
/pick jocAuto pick for Creation
/pick lifeAuto pick for Life
/pick gemstoneAuto pick forGemstone
/pick zenAuto pick for Zen (don't work together zen and exc, setitem)
/pick excAuto pick for Exc items (don't work together zen and exc, setitem)
/pick setitemAuto pick for Ancient items (don't work together zen and exc, setitem)
Auto Party/re auto or with password /re auto XXXX 
/goblinMove to Chaos Goblin
/dsMove to Devil Square Start
/bcMove to Blood Castle Start
/lorenbarMove to Lorencia Barman


Posted 30 / 07 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.